Thursday, April 17, 2008

Successful Parenting Depends More on Who You Are Than What You Do

Parents matters less about what parents do than what they are. "Parents who are well educated, successful, and healthy tend to have children who test well in school; but it doesn't seem to much matter whether a child is trotted off to museums or spanked or sent to Head Start or frequently read to or plopped in front of the television.

"For parents--and parenting experts--who are obsessed with child-rearing technique, this may be sobering news. The reality is that technique looks to be highly overrated.

"But this is not to say that parents don't matter. Plainly they matter a great deal. Here is the conundrum: by the time most people pick up a parenting book, it is far too late. Most of the things that matter were decided long ago--who you are , whom you married, what kind of life you lead. If you are smart, hardworking, well educated, well paid, and married to someone equally fortunate, then your children are more likely to succeed. (Nor does it hurt, in all likelihood, to be honest, thoughtful, loving, and curious about the world.) But it isn't so much a matter of what you do as a parent; it's who you are." (p. 175)

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